The Dangers Of Gutter Cleaning

Your gutters only really serve one function. They move water from your roof to your drain pipes, hopefully with the minimum of fuss. However, ‘fuss’ can reach maximum point if there are blockages in the way of this process. That might be fallen leaves, wind blow dirt, and other kind of debris. Blocked gutters can cause water to overflow your gutters, which could lead to problems with roof leaks, foundation problems due to water pooling down there, and the gutter itself failing, due to the extra weight of the water.

However, before that has happened, you’ve noticed your gutters might have a blockage. Perhaps you’ve noticed water spilling over the gutters even in only gentle rain, or you’ve noticed plant life growing in your gutters, or maybe your gutters are already beginning to deform due to the weight of the blockage. Whatever the case, what do you do next? Well, obviously, you clean the gutters, but do you do it yourself, or should you let the professionals clean your gutters for you?

Spoiler Alert.

You should let the professionals clean the gutters for you. Just wanted to get that out there, to alleviate any tension you might have at reading this post.

People Die Falling Off Ladders

This is a morbid one to start off with, but it is true. More than 200 people every year die in Australia due to ladder related accidents. We don’t know how many of them were trying to clean their gutters, but the issue here is the ladders themselves. Do you trust your ladder with your life? Do you trust your ability to balance on the ladder?

And remember, you’re not just climbing up the ladder. You are working from that ladder to clean the gutters. Your complete concentration can not be focused on keeping your balance. Your centre of gravity is constantly shifting and your concentration is constantly shifting.

Professionals are used to this. They work from ladders as part of their everyday job. It makes sense leaving working from heights to the professionals.

Your Gutter Might Not Be Reliable.

To get to your gutters, you need a ladder. To climb a ladder, you need to place the ladder against something. The most obvious thing to place the ladder against is the gutters near where the blockage is occurring.

But just remember what I said earlier. The extra weight of the blockage and the water in the gutter could cause the gutter itself to fail. In other words, the very thing you need to trust to place your ladder against … you can’t trust, because you don’t know how compromised it has become due to the blockage you believe is up there.

Professional gutter cleaners know where to place their ladders. They know how to tell how strong the gutter is, and whether it can support their weight.

It just makes sense to bring in the professional gutter cleaners to do your gutter cleaning for you. They know how to work from ladders, they know how to determine how safe a gutter is. You don’t need to put yourself at risk of a life threatening or life ending injury.