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Pressure Washing and the Soft Wash Process: What Are The Differences?

Pressure Washing and the Soft Wash Process: What Are The Differences?

Perhaps the urge has come over you to give your house exterior a good old fashioned clean. Or perhaps you’ve decided your roofs overdue for some cleaning. Maybe it’s your driveway, or the deck and patio out in your backyard.

Whatever the case might be, you go down to your local hardware store and decide to rent a powerful pressure washer, because you don’t particularly want to spend the next few days on your hands and knees scrubbing away at dirty surfaces. You have a life to live, and you don’t want to spend it all on cleaning, and you know that the pressure washing water jet will cut through the dirt and grime on your surfaces in no time.

But is that really the best option? Is pressure washing your surfaces the best option in all situations?

What is Pressure Washing?

Pressure washing – sometimes called pressure cleaning– uses a power jet to produce an output of water at such high pressures – up to 200 times atmospheric pressure – that each water droplet becomes like a miniature pickaxe chipping away at the dirt and debris that cover your surface, leaving behind, hopefully, a cleanly scoured surface.

But does that option work well on all surfaces? Well … no. Pressure Washing works wonderfully well on surfaces that are tough and resilient, surfaces like brick or stone or concrete. There are, however, other surfaces that are not as resilient. Surfaces like painted wood, or the shingles on your roof. If you were to take your pressure washer to your painted fence, you may end up with a clean fence … but you would also end up minus the paint. Roof shingles would also end up damaged under the onslaught of the tiny watery pickaxes.

Soft Wash Process Is The Solution

Some of the equipment remains the same for the Soft Wash process. You still use a water jet, but the pressure of the water is far lower.

Instead of using high pressure water to chisel the dirt and contaminants into submission, environmentally friendly chemicals break down the dirt so that a low pressure water rinse then can come along and wash it all away. The surface is cleaned without the harsh effects of a high pressure wash.

Should I Call In The Professionals To Do This For Me?

You can do all of this yourself, it is true, but like many things in life, you will probably not do as good a job as someone who does it for a living, and has done it many, many times before. The pressure washing equipment that you might find in hardware stores are probably not as powerful as the equipment that professionals use, unless you really get the high end gear. However, this equipment is so powerful, and the water jet emitted so strong, that any lapse of judgement or mistake might cause you to injure yourself seriously.

Now, in relation to the soft wash process, it is highly advisable to let professionals handle that. The professionals will know the proper concentrations of the chemicals that are required to be used to do a proper job, and to do it safely.

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How to clean your house.

How to clean your house.

And in this case I mean the outside of your house. A glance from a distance, and it probably looks OK. But look closely and you’ll notice that dirt, dust and other unmentionable detritus has gathered to spoil the appearance of your pride and joy.

A hose and a broom?

No, that is not going to do the best job. And it will wear you out before very long. A hose with a bit of muscle is what you need. And that means ….

Pressure cleaning.

You’ve probably seen it being done to concrete paths or driveways, and the result is a shiny clean strip of concrete. This is what you can do to your house as well. Except that you need to follow some rules so that you don’t do damage. You need to inspect the surfaces to make sure there is no way that the water can enter the building. Look at the eaves and the window frames. Be aware of what water pressure can do to the materials your house is made of, and whether you need to ease down on the strength of the water depending on the fragility of the surfaces. Water alone might do the job, but you should also be aware of what chemicals or cleaning solutions could be used for tougher problems.

Remember to consider the ground outside the house, and any plants, landscaping, furniture, etc that might be in the way. Keep the dogs, cats, and children out of the way as well.

So if you are confident that you know all about pressure washing, all about the types of materials used in your house’s construction, and all about the extra cleaning power of the various additives available for use, then away you go. If you are not so confident, there are people who will do this for you. It’s their job, they know exactly what to do.

So what is the best time to do this house cleaning

There will always be dust and dirt, brought in by the wind, from construction areas, roadworks, factories, vehicles, and the wide open spaces. We are in a hot and dry country. Dust storms are not unknown. This would make you think, what’s the use? But by the same argument, why do we mow the lawn, wash the car, wash ourselves …..? Giving your house a good, proper wash will bring the brightness back into your life. And give your home a new lease on life.


If you are selling your house, what better, and easier, way to improve its appearance is there? Easier than repainting, and a good wash will bring out the colours that are there. If you are taking photos for the advertising brochure, do it when the house is still damp; the colours are more vibrant.


A dry winter could allow the dirt and dust in the air to collect. Rain does not always get rid of it. After a dry spell, a house wash must be beneficial.

Pest control

Wash before you do a pesticide treatment, as the pesticide will likely remain on the clean, dry surface. And don’t wash immediately after a pest treatment.

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