How Important Is It To Clean Your Mattress?


And that’s the end of this blog article. Thanks for reading, and …

Wait. You want to know why?

Well, ok, I’ll tell you, but you’re really going to wish I didn’t.


Do you know that you sweat in your sleep? The amount you sweat depends on a few different factors, most obviously the room temperature and surrounding humidity, but also on what you had before going to bed (stay away from the spicy foods). On average, most people will sweat approximately a half litre each night, every night. Now, where does all that sweat go? I think you can guess.


Experts in whatever field includes ‘skin shedding in bed’, estimate that the average person sheds a gram of their very own skin cells each night. And they don’t just shed skin, but also hair. Over time this all ads up. This mightn’t sound like much, but it becomes a bit more worrisome when we introduce the next section’s guest.

You’re not alone on your mattress.

There are these tiny, microscopic creatures called dust mites that live off the skin cells you shed, living on your mattress while you sleep. The one saving grace is they like ‘dead’ skin cells than alive ones, but even so … it gives you the shivers. Particularly because of what’s written in the next heading.

The average mattress could have upwards of a million of these dust mites.

Yeah, that. Experts in whatever fields include ‘estimating dust mite populations on mattress’ estimate that the dust mite population of mattresses could number between 100,000 and 10 million. Another expert in the related field of ‘estimating dust mite populations in pillows’ estimated that the weight of an average pillow that’s been in use for two years is made up of 10 percent the dead bodies of dust mites, plus their excrement.

We’ve haven’t even mentioned excrement! There’s a lot of that, too.

Every day, dust mites excrete approximately two times their entire body weight.

That’s … every day.

Right there on the mattress.

The very same mattress that you are currently sleeping on.

So … how important is it to clean your mattress? Ummm … I think that just about answers it.

Your mattress can effect your health.

Whenever you shift your body position while your sleep, that movement causes these dust mites and their excrement to become airborne. Even if you have protective mattresses, your movement creates a kind of bellows effect where eventually that will cause whatever’s on your mattress to become airborne.

If you breath this in, it might cause a reaction. Now, most people probably won’t react at all, but those who have breathing problems like asthma, or who experience allergies or skin irritations, can have nasty reactions. The people most susceptible to this are the young and the very old.

This is why you should professionally clean your mattress.

To help you sleep at night, it makes a lot of sense to bring in the professionals to clean your mattress. This kind of cleaning requires a precise mixture of chemicals to do properly, and professional mattress cleaners have the know how to clean your mattress as thoroughly as possible.