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Steam Cleaning Carpets vs Dry Cleaning – What’s the Difference?

Most carpet cleaning companies only offer Steam Cleaning services, with only a few also, or perhaps only, offering Dry Cleaning services. So, how do they stack up against each other?

The Process.

Both processes first use a quick vacuum to clean up surface layers of dirt. But then the processes diverge;

Dry Cleaning: A solution of dry cleaning solvents, mixed with a tiny bit of water, is applied to the carpet. These solutions break down oily residue, and dirt and all the other muck in your carpet, and then act like tiny sponges to suck all of that stuff back up. After only a little while, this solution can be vacuumed up, leaving the carpet clean from contaminants.

Steam Cleaning: You can also calls this ‘hot water extraction’. A jet spray of water under high pressure is injected into the carpet, and then sucked back up, along with all the dirt and contaminants with it. Think of it like a vacuum cleaner, only using hot water instead of air.


Dry Cleaning: A major benefit of dry cleaning is in the name; after only a little while, the carpet is dry to walk on, which is greater for areas that have a lot of foot traffic, and can not be out of commission for long periods of time. The dry cleaning method also targets more stains than other methods, particularly oily residues.

Steam Cleaning: Provides a more comprehensive and deeper clean. Is better at removing allergens, dust mites and all the other creepy crawlies and illness producing bacteria that living deep within your carpet fibre.


Dry Cleaning: Great for surface cleans, but not so good for deep down cleaning. Has problems getting out the really big and stubborn stains.

Steam Cleaning: Carpets stay wet for longer, and if your carpet cleaner is not experienced, they may over-wet the carpet and damage it.


I am not going to say one way is the best and only way to clean your carpet. Both of these options have benefits that the other one doesn’t. What you need to do is determine what benefits you specifically require for the carpet you want cleaned, and then plan your actions accordingly.

Is your carpet in a well trafficked area that can’t be shut down for long just to let the carpet dry, like carpets in a pub, or a hotel, or other businesses that need to stay open. Well then, a dry cleaning method might be right up your alley, but plan for the fact that such cleanings are more surface oriented, and don’t get deep down into the carpet. This might mean that you need to schedule the dry cleanings more often.

If you can handle not being able to walk on your carpet for a day, and you require a strong carpet clean to rid your carpets of deep down dirt and stains, a steam cleaning might be the best option.

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How to clean your house.

How to clean your house.

And in this case I mean the outside of your house. A glance from a distance, and it probably looks OK. But look closely and you’ll notice that dirt, dust and other unmentionable detritus has gathered to spoil the appearance of your pride and joy.

A hose and a broom?

No, that is not going to do the best job. And it will wear you out before very long. A hose with a bit of muscle is what you need. And that means ….

Pressure cleaning.

You’ve probably seen it being done to concrete paths or driveways, and the result is a shiny clean strip of concrete. This is what you can do to your house as well. Except that you need to follow some rules so that you don’t do damage. You need to inspect the surfaces to make sure there is no way that the water can enter the building. Look at the eaves and the window frames. Be aware of what water pressure can do to the materials your house is made of, and whether you need to ease down on the strength of the water depending on the fragility of the surfaces. Water alone might do the job, but you should also be aware of what chemicals or cleaning solutions could be used for tougher problems.

Remember to consider the ground outside the house, and any plants, landscaping, furniture, etc that might be in the way. Keep the dogs, cats, and children out of the way as well.

So if you are confident that you know all about pressure washing, all about the types of materials used in your house’s construction, and all about the extra cleaning power of the various additives available for use, then away you go. If you are not so confident, there are people who will do this for you. It’s their job, they know exactly what to do.

So what is the best time to do this house cleaning

There will always be dust and dirt, brought in by the wind, from construction areas, roadworks, factories, vehicles, and the wide open spaces. We are in a hot and dry country. Dust storms are not unknown. This would make you think, what’s the use? But by the same argument, why do we mow the lawn, wash the car, wash ourselves …..? Giving your house a good, proper wash will bring the brightness back into your life. And give your home a new lease on life.


If you are selling your house, what better, and easier, way to improve its appearance is there? Easier than repainting, and a good wash will bring out the colours that are there. If you are taking photos for the advertising brochure, do it when the house is still damp; the colours are more vibrant.


A dry winter could allow the dirt and dust in the air to collect. Rain does not always get rid of it. After a dry spell, a house wash must be beneficial.

Pest control

Wash before you do a pesticide treatment, as the pesticide will likely remain on the clean, dry surface. And don’t wash immediately after a pest treatment.

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How Important Is It To Clean Your Mattress?

How Important Is It To Clean Your Mattress?


And that’s the end of this blog article. Thanks for reading, and …

Wait. You want to know why?

Well, ok, I’ll tell you, but you’re really going to wish I didn’t.


Do you know that you sweat in your sleep? The amount you sweat depends on a few different factors, most obviously the room temperature and surrounding humidity, but also on what you had before going to bed (stay away from the spicy foods). On average, most people will sweat approximately a half litre each night, every night. Now, where does all that sweat go? I think you can guess.


Experts in whatever field includes ‘skin shedding in bed’, estimate that the average person sheds a gram of their very own skin cells each night. And they don’t just shed skin, but also hair. Over time this all ads up. This mightn’t sound like much, but it becomes a bit more worrisome when we introduce the next section’s guest.

You’re not alone on your mattress.

There are these tiny, microscopic creatures called dust mites that live off the skin cells you shed, living on your mattress while you sleep. The one saving grace is they like ‘dead’ skin cells than alive ones, but even so … it gives you the shivers. Particularly because of what’s written in the next heading.

The average mattress could have upwards of a million of these dust mites.

Yeah, that. Experts in whatever fields include ‘estimating dust mite populations on mattress’ estimate that the dust mite population of mattresses could number between 100,000 and 10 million. Another expert in the related field of ‘estimating dust mite populations in pillows’ estimated that the weight of an average pillow that’s been in use for two years is made up of 10 percent the dead bodies of dust mites, plus their excrement.

We’ve haven’t even mentioned excrement! There’s a lot of that, too.

Every day, dust mites excrete approximately two times their entire body weight.

That’s … every day.

Right there on the mattress.

The very same mattress that you are currently sleeping on.

So … how important is it to clean your mattress? Ummm … I think that just about answers it.

Your mattress can effect your health.

Whenever you shift your body position while your sleep, that movement causes these dust mites and their excrement to become airborne. Even if you have protective mattresses, your movement creates a kind of bellows effect where eventually that will cause whatever’s on your mattress to become airborne.

If you breath this in, it might cause a reaction. Now, most people probably won’t react at all, but those who have breathing problems like asthma, or who experience allergies or skin irritations, can have nasty reactions. The people most susceptible to this are the young and the very old.

This is why you should professionally clean your mattress.

To help you sleep at night, it makes a lot of sense to bring in the professionals to clean your mattress. This kind of cleaning requires a precise mixture of chemicals to do properly, and professional mattress cleaners have the know how to clean your mattress as thoroughly as possible.

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The Dangers Of Gutter Cleaning

The Dangers Of Gutter Cleaning

Your gutters only really serve one function. They move water from your roof to your drain pipes, hopefully with the minimum of fuss. However, ‘fuss’ can reach maximum point if there are blockages in the way of this process. That might be fallen leaves, wind blow dirt, and other kind of debris. Blocked gutters can cause water to overflow your gutters, which could lead to problems with roof leaks, foundation problems due to water pooling down there, and the gutter itself failing, due to the extra weight of the water.

However, before that has happened, you’ve noticed your gutters might have a blockage. Perhaps you’ve noticed water spilling over the gutters even in only gentle rain, or you’ve noticed plant life growing in your gutters, or maybe your gutters are already beginning to deform due to the weight of the blockage. Whatever the case, what do you do next? Well, obviously, you clean the gutters, but do you do it yourself, or should you let the professionals clean your gutters for you?

Spoiler Alert.

You should let the professionals clean the gutters for you. Just wanted to get that out there, to alleviate any tension you might have at reading this post.

People Die Falling Off Ladders

This is a morbid one to start off with, but it is true. More than 200 people every year die in Australia due to ladder related accidents. We don’t know how many of them were trying to clean their gutters, but the issue here is the ladders themselves. Do you trust your ladder with your life? Do you trust your ability to balance on the ladder?

And remember, you’re not just climbing up the ladder. You are working from that ladder to clean the gutters. Your complete concentration can not be focused on keeping your balance. Your centre of gravity is constantly shifting and your concentration is constantly shifting.

Professionals are used to this. They work from ladders as part of their everyday job. It makes sense leaving working from heights to the professionals.

Your Gutter Might Not Be Reliable.

To get to your gutters, you need a ladder. To climb a ladder, you need to place the ladder against something. The most obvious thing to place the ladder against is the gutters near where the blockage is occurring.

But just remember what I said earlier. The extra weight of the blockage and the water in the gutter could cause the gutter itself to fail. In other words, the very thing you need to trust to place your ladder against … you can’t trust, because you don’t know how compromised it has become due to the blockage you believe is up there.

Professional gutter cleaners know where to place their ladders. They know how to tell how strong the gutter is, and whether it can support their weight.

It just makes sense to bring in the professional gutter cleaners to do your gutter cleaning for you. They know how to work from ladders, they know how to determine how safe a gutter is. You don’t need to put yourself at risk of a life threatening or life ending injury.

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