Tips On How You Can Service Your Trees This Summer.

Australia really is a land of droughts and flooding rains, and in a way this article is a testament to that because some of the tips relate to ensuring your trees and property are safe during storms, while others relate to how you can help your trees and gardens through times of drought and fire.

Australian weather can be tough to predict and plan for. This unpredictability  comes through in the fact that the long term forecast for an area can warn for both increase bushfire activity and flooding events. But here are some tips for how to help your trees and gardens through the ups and downs of Australian weather.

Make Sure To Regularly Schedule The Watering Of Your Plants.

It is a good idea, particularly on hot days, to water your plants in the morning and again in the evening. You want to be sure that your  plants fully absorb the water before the full heat of the day comes, and then give them something extra once the baking sun has gone day.

All this watering might be easier on you if you are able to plan your garden ahead of time. You can determine how much water your plants will need, and group those that require more frequent watering together, to save you some time in the long run.

Lawns Need Water Too

If your summers are hot and dry, it will be difficult to ensure that your lawns remain healthy and green. It might be a good time to go to your local bunnings or wherever and buy a water sprinkler. When running, the sprinkler shouldn’t be set on high; you want the water released slowly, for longer, as this will provide your lawns sustenance for longer during the really hot days.

Know Your Climate And Plan Your Garden Accordingly

If you have long, hot, scorching summers, it is perhaps not the best idea to plant a garden full of delicate plants that wither at the first sign of heat. We can only do so much to help our plants; if they are not designed to live in the type of environment and climate that your garden provides, it is probably best not to include them in your garden.

Storm Proof Your Trees

If you live in an area that receives a lot of storms during the summer, you need to storm proof your trees. You can do this by pruning your trees ahead of time, ensuring regular maintenance, such as cutting off dead or dying branches. Water your trees regularly, provide them good fertiliser and keep them well maintained. A strong tree will survive storms far easier than a weak or dying tree.

Protect Your Tree When A Storm Comes

If you know a strong storm is coming and you are worried about your trees, there are ways of protecting them from the winds and debris that a storm will bring. There is something called ‘Tree Wrapping’; you do this by covering the tree’s trunks in something heavy and strong, like burlap.

If your trees are still young and small, plant stakes around it, and attach some kind of material around the tree that deflects the wind and debris from striking the tree.

So, whether your summers are hot and dry, hot and wet, or just hot and anything in-between, there are ways to ensure suitable plant and tree service care for your garden.